Blacklisting files and folders

In the case you're including something like a library in your project, you may want to exlucde that code from being build by CodeOversight. In such case, you can blacklist the directory or specific files. By default, the vendor directory used by Composer and node_modules by NPM are excluded.

Via the YAML Configuration file you can setup these blacklisted items.

In order to blacklist files, add the following to your codeoversight.yml configuration file in the root of your repository.


        - file1.php
        - file2.php
        - directory1/
        - directory2/first-one/here/

When blacklisting items, always make sure that there are no other files/paths that have the same name as you enter as it could cause unintentional blacklisting.

If you have any doubt, you can always be sure by setting a full path to the blacklisted item.

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